40 by 40 - Mini Bucket List

I came across a blog post while surfing the other night and it has inspired me to create a "mini bucket list". I think it's such a neat idea and a great way to set goals/dreams for yourself. I got the idea from: Fat Bridesmaid 

This is a list of 40 things I would like to accomplish/do by the time I am 40 years old, which is fast approaching :) I will be 40 on May 29th, 2013 so I have about 2½ years. Some are health/fitness related but most as just general. They are in no particular order. And as I complete them, I will come back to this post and check them off! :)

  1. Travel out of the country with my husband
  2. Be debt-free aside from our house payment
  3. Wear a size 6 again
  4. Run a 5K
  5. Start video blogging
  6. Get another tattoo DONE
  7. Wear a bikini and feel sexy in it
  8. Build a bonfire pit in the backyard and enjoy nights sitting by the fire DONE
  9. Go to Myrtle Beach DONE
  10. Go hiking
  11. Go snow sking
  12. Go tailgating
  13. Host an adult Halloween party
  14. Have a spa day
  15. Read a book
  16. See a Broadway show with my husband
  17. Play a practical joke on each one of the kids
  18. Go horseback riding
  19. Pose nude (haha just joking, but I do want to take some boudoir photos for my husband)
  20. Squat 225lbs
  21. Bench 135lbs DONE
  22. Learn to accept my stretch marks and wrinkles
  23. Host a naked beer tasting party (like a naked wine party)
  24. Get my ears re-pierced
  25. Watch the last season of Lost (yep still haven't watched it) DONE
  26. Take the kids on a float trip DONE
  27. Make bread pudding from scratch following the recipe from Ohana's at Disney World (YUM)
  28. Go to DollyWood
  29. Go zip lining
  30. This one's a secret :) DONE
  31. Send out photo Christmas cards
  32. Take a family vacation to Disney World
  33. Get family portraits taken
  34. Take a kick boxing class
  35. Get my nails done
  36. Visit my friend Mari
  37. Have a romantic candle lite fondue dinner at home with my husband DONE
  38. Get season passes to Worlds of Fun and go often DONE
  39. Get our wedding photos printed (it's only been 6 mths since the wedding)
  40. Go somewhere that has amazing waterfalls
WOW what a list! I wonder how many I can get checked off by my 40th birthday! Wish me luck :) What FUN!


  1. Ladybug said...

    Hey... wonderful waterfalls = Michigan's Upper Peninsula! Take the Painted Rock Boat Tour while up there, and Tahquamenon Falls is Amazing! Check out this link...


    Good Luck with your 40x40 list... I'd have to change mine to 50x50 list... I'd have about 8.5 years to complete it!

  2. Mom Getting Fit said...

    WOW those are some amazing waterfalls! Thanks so much for posting! I will add that link to my "travel folder", would be nice to visit!!

    If you make a list, be sure to come back here and add your link! :)

    Thanks for stopping by Mom Getting Fit!!

  3. Ladybug said...

    Michigan's UP is absolutely beautiful! After I couldn't even tell you how many of the waterfalls we hit while there in just two or three days... Not sure if you looked up the picture rock tours, but you should...it's amazing! The water was an emerald green, and the mineral deposits "Pictured rocks" on the shoreline is just breath taking. My husband (soon to be ex) had actually decided that we wanted to retire up there...but I guess that won't happen now... oh well. If you go, I guarantee you won't regret it!

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