Title Boxing Club - First class after-thoughts

I survived my first boxing class (barely, lol)!

It was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done, and I've worked out a LOT! From the beginning it got my heart pumping and didn't stop until well after the class was over! It was a lot harder than I expected. As I mentioned in my previous post, my endurance really sucks, so I took a beating at this class! I had to stop several times and rest. Burned 598 calroies! WOOHOO and that was doing about 50% of the work as I just couldn't keep up. As my endurance builds, I know it will get better!

I took a video right after class to share my thoughts. You can see how red my face is and how out of breath I am in the video. It really did kick my butt!

BUT of course I plan on going back! It was so much FUN and I highly recommend it!

Today I start Boxing Classes

If you follow my facebook page, you know I train at the gym at least 4 times a week with weights. I LOVE weight training, I love lifting heavy, I love getting stronger, BUT what I hate is CARDIO! It's just so boring! So I usually end up doing cardio maybe once or twice a week, if that. The bad thing about this is I REALLY need cardio to drop the fat! My body responds well to it!

So I was really excited to see that a new Title Boxing Club was opening right up the street from me. I went there on their Grand Opening day and got the information, but didn't join! That was about a month ago. Not sure why I've held off joining because I really wanted to. Perhaps I was scared if I would be able to handle it?, I swear my endurance is horrible! Hand me heavy a$$ weight and I have no problem with it, but test my endurance and I SUCK!

BUT this weekend while shopping at a women's health expo, they had a booth there and I finally took the plunge and signed up! It helped that I got an awesome rate too :)

If you have never heard of Title Boxing Club, they offer boxing and kickboxing classes called the "Power Hour" as described on their website:

We’ve taken fitness to a whole new level with the POWER HOUR. These explosive total body fitness classes can help you lose weight and burn fat. Depending on your intensity, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in just one POWER HOUR. How hard you workout is completely up to you. All fitness levels are welcome, from beginners to pros, in three fun workout styles.

Today, I am taking my first Boxing Power Hour class:

Total body boxing workouts will have you boxing like a pro. Step into the boxing heavy bag station and begin with a stretch and warm up that will get your blood pumping and your body ready to fight for your fitness.

Once you’re warm, you’ll put on your boxing gloves and prepare to strike the heavy bag. Your professional trainer will teach you the proper boxing techniques including the jab, cross, and hook. You’ll follow your trainer through one to three minute fitness rounds designed to provide overall total body strength and endurance challenges that will take your body from flab to fab. After your boxing rounds, your last 15 minutes consists of abdominal, core and strength training using medicine balls and your own body weight for resistance. You choose how hard or light you hit this workout—either way you’re sure to burn calories and have fun.

WOW, sounds like I will be on my toes the entire time! Sounds FUN and something I am looking for in my cardio. BUT also sounds like a lot of hard work!!

Oh and did I mention, the boxing gloves come in PINK! YES I LOVE PINK! So of course I'm going to be sporting my PINK boxing gloves!

I'm off now to head to class, wish me luck! I'll write an updated post on my first class experience! :)

Product Review: Chipins ~ All natural popcorn chips

Hey all you popcorn lovers out there, if you haven't tried this product, I highly recommend it!

Chipins made by Popcorn Indiana
All natural popcorn chips!

It's a chip made out of popcorn. YES Popcorn chips! And let me tell you, they are super Yummy!
PLUS much healthier than regular potato chips!

Gluten-free, all-natural, and zero trans-fat!

Here's the nutritional information for the "Sea Salt" flavor:

They come in 4 different flavors:
Sea Salt
White Cheddar
Hot Buffalo Wing
Jalapeno Ranch

So far I have tried the Sea Salt and the White Cheddar and both are very good, taste like popcorn but with a chip texture. Really satisfies that need for something crunchy!

Product Description:We admit it, we’re obsessed. Obsessed with flavor, obsessed with crunch, obsessed with natural ingredients. We’re even obsessed with the word “obsessed.” So when we decided to make a chip, well, let’s just say we decided to really go for it. Behold the chip'ins, the first popcorn chip from your friends here at Popcorn, Indiana. These beauties are gluten-free, all-natural, zero trans-fat, and put in simplest terms, they’re the goods. We hope you love them as much as we do, and yeah, we hope you become a little obsessed, too. Munch Better™.

The ONLY BAD thing about this products is, it's really hard not to eat the whole bag, they are THAT good!

Check out their website: Popcorn Indiana

They can be purchased at Walmart, Wholefoods, Costco and several other places, as well as online.

Product Review: Swarovski Women’s Fitness Gloves

Work out…looking like a girl!

I LOVE this companies motto!

I received a pair of these awesome workout gloves from Femme Fitale Fitness in "HOT Pink" and I must say I am really impressed with them.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to workout gloves. I've went through several brands before finding ones I really loved and I've been using that brand for the past 2-3 years. Only problem is, they cost $50! YIKES! That's a lot for a pair of workout gloves, at least to me, it is :) I've tried the cheaper ones and just didn't care for them. Either the padding just wasn't there or the fit wasn't right. 

So I was really excited to try out these new gloves. They fit Perfect! The padding is Perfect! And they look pretty dang cute!

Hot Pink Fitness with Swarovski Crystals

A little information from their website:

Match your outfit or your mood and work out looking like a girl with these feminine, fingerless fitness gloves for weight lifting, spin classes, elipticals, rowing machines, pilates, yoga, wheelchair use, etc. Each color is hand embellished with color matched genuine Swarovski crystals!

Our women’s weight lifting gloves and fitness gloves include animal print women’s fitness gloves and color fitness gloves embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals. Our golf gloves are 100% soft lambskin leather, are also embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals, and feature a matching Swarovski crystal and glitter Bonjoc brand snap on ball marker.

I highly recommend these gloves to anyone that likes a great feeling glove that provides support and padding without being too bulky! Next on my list is an all black pair and perhaps I'll let my wild side out and get an animal print too :)

Be sure to check them out at: Femme Fitale Fitness

Wearing my new gloves at the gym!


Turkey Meatballs, Peppers, & Onions w/Whole Wheat Spaghetti

I made this super easy, quick and yummy dinner tonight. Protein, carbs, veggies and 2 clementine oranges on the side. :)
Turkey Meatballs, Peppers, Onions w/Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Makes 2 servings

Ingredients:6 Turkey Meatballs (pre-made/pre-cooked in the meat dept, or you can use homemade or frozen)
½ Green Pepper & ½ Red Pepper - sliced
Sliced Onion
Fresh Garlic - chopped
½ cup no sugar Pasta Sauce
Whole Wheat Pasta (2 servings, mine is 56 grams per serving)

Directions:Saute the veggies in a skillet with pam until tender. I then cut my meatballs in half (so I have 12 halves) and add them to the skillet, add the pasta sauce and cook until warmed through.

At the same time as cooking the above, you also cook your whole wheat pasta. I love Barilla Plus pasta (love it). Drain when done.

Divide ½ of the pasta on a plate and top with ½ of the meatballs and veggies (6 meatball halves per serving).

Green Pepper Stuffin

This was my lunch today. So yummy and filling!

Green Pepper Stuffin (recipe below)
Veggie Blend
1/2 Apple w/cinnamon

Green Pepper Stuffin

I got this recipe from a guy at the gym. He was eating it and it smelled so good, I had to make it. I made some adjustments to fit my taste!

1 lb extra lean Ground Beef
Brown Rice cooked, (I use a 10oz. frozen steam in bag kind)
1 can. Tomato Sauce
Diced Onion
1/2 Diced Green Pepper (I dice this really small)
3-4 cloves fresh garlic, diced
Salt/Pepper & Garlic powder to taste.

Spray a large skillet with pam, add onions, garlic and green pepper and saute over medium heat until slightly cooked. Then add your ground beef and cook until well done. Turn heat down to low and add your cooked brown rice, tomato sauce and seasoning. I add just a little bit of salt, pepper and lots of garlic powder (I love garlic), and cook on low for about 5 mins, stirring frequently (this is just to get all the flavors blended well).

I usually do NOT eat this right away, as I think it taste even better the next day. So I store it in a container in the frig until the next day. This makes a large amount. I get 4 large 1 cup servings (1 serving is what you see in the picture), so makes several meals for me.

Enter To WIN a "Mom Getting Fit" T-Shirt

Enter To WIN a "Mom Getting Fit" T-Shirt

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