Product Review - Eat this, Not That

Here is my first product review. I will have several to share with you throughout my journey, as I try new things myself.

Eat This, Not That

by: David Zinczenko

The author of these books was on Oprah one day and he was sharing information on the best and worst foods to eat. For example, he said regular bacon is better than turkey bacon.

Me thinking turkey bacon was the best choice all this time, just had to check out the book(s). I am so happy I did.

I purchased the regular one and the kids edition and I LOVE them both! They are great at explaining food labels to you, what you should avoid and look for and so much more. I learned a lot of things that I didn't know before and am making better choices because of them, especially for my kids, who are having a harder time giving up "boxed" foods than I am. At least this way, I know I am getting them the "better" option.

The kid's version even got my kids excited. They spent a long time looking through it and my daughter even took the book to school to share with her friends. :) How great is that! It's exciting seeing them interested in what food is better for them!

I highly recommend both books. There is a also restaurant edition too but I didn't get that one. I bought mine at Target and I imagine you can get them at any similar store or bookstore. You can also purchase them online at Amazon:

Here's to a healthier you,


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