Back from Vegas & Today's Eats

Hello everyone!

Well I am back from my trip to Las Vegas! I had an awesome time at the Mr. Olympia. We just attended the expo and not the main events but it was still fun. Got to see alot of people and got a TON of free stuff (supplements, tshirts, etc.).

If you have been following me on facebook, you also know we ate like crazy! LOL there is so much good food in Vegas and boy did we try alot of it. I actually gained 5 lbs. Yikes! I'm sure alot of it is water weight as I had a ton of salty food, but I am back on track again with working out and diet.

I've decided to share what I eat on a daily basics here on my blog. They say that you do 50% better with your diet if you write it down, so I'm writing it down here :)

I had a really good breakfast this morning. I made a 4 egg white omelet with green and red peppers, some 2% Swiss cheese and then topped it with avocado and salsa. YUM! I also had a Vanilla-Banana-Carmel Protein shake! I mixed 1 cup silk milk with 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, ½ frozen banana and about 1 tsp. sugar-free carmel coffee flavoring (I get this at Target). It was YUMMY!

This is the sugar-free syrup I get from Target. I LOVE it and you can get it in many different flavors.

Morning Snack:
Zone Bar (I will be posting a review on these soon, I just love them).

Turkey, swiss cheese and avocado sandwich on whole grain bread w/lil bit lite mayo

Afternoon Snack:
Banana with peanut butter

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken
Green Beans

I had a Great workout today considering it's been a week since I have worked out. We did chest shoulders and traps and 30 mins. cardio.

Overall it was a Great day and I'm glad to be back and on track again! Like I said, I had a blast in Vegas but man I felt crappy and so bloated from all the bad eating (and drinking) so I'm looking forward to feeling good again! :)

Have a Great night! I'll check in again tomorrow and post my menu for the day. And I still need to post that chocolate pumpkin cupcake I promised awhile ago (I haven't forgotten).

Here's to a healthier you,


  1. TJ said...

    That omelet looks YUMMY!

    I just checked out that rotisserie chicken recipe and for the first time in my life I want to buy a whole chicken! WOW that is EASY! I am making that soon!!!! I am really excited about it! lol THANK YOU!

  2. Mom Getting Fit said...

    Hey TJ, thanks for stopping by!

    The omelet WAS YUMMY and easy to make too!

    And give that chicken a try. It's SOOOO easy and soooo moist! Let me know what you think!!!

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