I'm still alive!

Yes I'm still alive! For those of you who have visited my blog and noticed I haven't posted in about 4 months, I just wanted to share why!

There has been so much happening! First off, back in April, I asked my husband for a divorce, he moved out and we are currently in the process of finalizing everything. It hasn't been an easy one at all but with the love and support of my friends and family, I am doing good and feel so much better!

I have actually met a new man and I know it seems fast but I am totally head over heals in love with this guy! I have been so unhappy for so very long that it feels good to finally have someone who loves me, respects me and adores me! :)

Another exciting thing is my first grandbaby was born in July. Her name is Savanah Lee-Anne and she is so sweet! I am just in ahh of her and excited to be a grandma (even tho I think I'm way too young :) hehehe. Here is baby Savanah!

I also stopped training at the gym where I was before and started training with my boyfriend. Oh by the way, his name is Matthew! He is a personal trainer and YES I met him at the gym! :) I now train with him (for FREE, WHOOHOO) but I haven't been as on track as I would like. My diet hasn't been as good either. With everything going on, it's just been much easier to get take out! But I'm ready to get back on track now and will be sharing that with you all soon.

I'm going to be moving this blog over to wordpress at some point. Not sure how long it will take me but I'll be sure to let you know when that happens. I'm also in the process of working on a new site with Matthew called "Fitody" that will pertain to fitness and nutrition. We are both really excited about this new site. More details to come soon as we get closer to the site launch!

Anyhow so you can see I have had a ton going on in my life! All the above along with regular life stuff (taking care of kids, cleaning house, working and all that good stuff). But I'm coming Back and will be blogging again soon!

Thanks bunches!

Here's to a healthier you,


  1. Joanne said...

    welcome back to "blogland"!!

  2. Mom Getting Fit said...

    Thanks Joanne,
    I am excited to get back into it. I think it will help keep me on track! :)

  3. Diane B said...

    Glad you finally came back and happy too :)

  4. She-Fit said...

    Welcome back! Savanah is too cute! Congrats... does it feel weird that you are a grandma now? :)

  5. Mom Getting Fit said...

    Thanks so much!
    YES it feels unreal at times to be a grandma. I surely don't feel old enough at all. But being a grandma is nice, when they cry you can hand them back to mom and dad. LOL I look forward to spoiling her as she gets older! :)

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