Product Review: Alexia Roasted Red Potatos & Italian Inspired Vegatables

I had an amazing dinner tonight using 2 new products that I now highly recommend.

Steak and Potatos w/vegtables

Alexia Roasted Red Potatos & Italian Inspired Vegatables(great northen beans, tomatoes, onions, spinash, and a basil-infused oil blend).

This product was very good and so simple to make. It comes in the frozen section and is usually with the organic/all natural foods. Each bag contains 3 servings of 1 ¼ cups each at 180 calories. I paid around $3.00 for it (I think it was on sale). To make it, you simply heat up the oil (it comes in a packet) in a skillet, then add your potato mixture and saute for 8-10 mins.

The 2nd product I used today for the first time was:

Paula Deen Merlot Wine Sauce

This was so good! It taste a lot like A1 steak sauce but with a wine flavor. And it has only 15 calories and 0 fat per 1 tbps.

I just rubbed it on my steak and grilled it. It gave the steak such a yummy flavor! Will be using this sauce on my steak for now on. Going to try it on chicken too!


  1. said...

    This meal looks tasty and nutritious! It is so important in order to lose weight and gain muscles.

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