Starbucks "Carmel Apple Cider" Makeover

One of my favorite cold weather drinks is a "Carmel Apple Cider" from Starbucks. Unfortunately the grande (medium) size one is over 300 calories. Ouch!

I don't like drinking my calories so I went on a quest to find a healthier alternative and I am pretty happy with what I have come up with.

1 pack of Alpine Sugar-Free Cider
1-2 tsp. Archer Farms Sugar-Free Carmel Flavoring *
Cinnamon to taste
Dollop of Cool Whip Cream

Make cider according to package instructions (I use 8 oz. of water), add cinnamon and carmel flavoring. Mix well. Top with cool whip and enjoy!

I usually have a cup each night during the winter months. It taste really good and satisfies my sweet tooth as well. With less than 25 calories, it's much healthier than the Starbucks version too. :)

* Archer Farms products are sold at Target stores. You can also use any sugar-free carmel flavoring found in the coffee isle.


  1. Melony said...

    I looovee this recipe. Thank you sooo much for doing the experiment for us.

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