Non-Scale Victory!

I had another non-scale victory this week that I wanted to share.

I went shopping the other day and decided to try on size 8 jeans. I was hoping they would fit because all my size 10 are getting alittle big.

Me a size 8? Never!!!

So I grab a couple pair and head into the fitting room to try them on. They FIT!!! OMG they pulled up nice and easy and zipped and buttoned. WOW a size 8!! A single digit size!

It's been about 19+ years since I have fit into a single digit size.

So here I am for the next couple days thinking "I wonder if it's just jeans from that store, they run big" :) So I had to go to another store yesterday and try on others and the size 8s there fit as well. YEAH!

I know it's just a size but when I started this in Dec. I was a size 12 and here I am just 3 months later in a size 8. Two years ago when I started weight watchers, I was a size 16 and today I am a size 8! That just amazes me and I just wanted to share my little victory with you all! :)

It's not all about the # on the scale. Sometimes our achievements come in other ways!

Here's to a healthier you,


  1. Sandra said...

    Way to go Shelley! It feels good doesn't it. I'm not a size 8 but I had the exact same victory today. I bought a pair jeans a year ago that were way too tight, couldn't get them done up (call it incentive), and since today was "jean" day at work I thought I'd try them on... I was almost too late to wear them.. They are too BIG !! :) Yahoo!

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