Product Review: Fit & Fresh

Since I am now cooking everyday, there are plenty of leftovers to take to work. I wanted to find a nice compact container that would fit everything in it and still fit in a lunch bag.

I was at Target the other day and found the perfect one:

It's by a company called Fit & Fresh and they have a whole line of neat stuff. The one pictured above is what I bought. You put the main dish in the big container and then put the icepack on top of that. There are groves that hold it into place so it doesn't actually sit on the food. You then take the two smaller dishes and they fit on top of the icepack. The purple thing is the lid which can also be used as a plate. So it all fits together nicely and you have one container to carry around with you. It's much easier to pack his lunch and stays nice and cold too. My only suggestion would be to come in different colors.

I also bought these little 2 cup containers that have a icepack that attaches to the inside of the lid. These are perfect for my son to take a snack in them to school and it keeps it nice and cold.

Again, I bought them at Target. They also had a salad one there too. But they have even more options on their website:

And they also sell them on Amazon:

Click Here To View Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go

Here's to a healthier you,


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