My Morning Breakfast & Workout

I just wanted to share what I had for breakfast this morning with you. It's nothing fancy but is my favorite breakfast and something I look forward to!

4 scrambled egg whites
1/4 avocado
1/2 piece whole grain toast
cup of tangerine herbal tea with honey

Simple meal but oh so good and gives me enough energy to get through my morning workout.

I did the AMT machine again today at the gym. Burned just over 300 calories in 30 mins. Love that machine. It really works my body. I have an hour long Zumba class tonight as well. I should hit around 600-700 calories burned between the two workouts. That's what I am shooting for! Oh and hey you may be wondering "how does she know how many calories she burns"? Well, I wear this awesome heart rate monitor hubby got me for Christmas, that I just love. I will be post a review on it soon!

Have a Great day everyone!

UPDATE: I ended up burning just over 700 calories for today's workouts! YEAH!

Here's to a healthier you,


  1. My 3 Month Challenge said...

    Your breakfast looks yummy!! and GREAT job on the workout! I'm gonna run to the gym myself now :-)

  2. Mom Getting Fit said...

    Thanks, it's yummy. I love mexican food so the salsa and avocado kindof give me that bit of mexican :)

  3. Chris @ Polar said...

    Wow, I never thought of salsa and avocado on egg whites. Looks great! =)

    Chris @ Polar USA

  4. Mom Getting Fit said...

    Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by!

    It's really good on eggs, you need to try it!

    And hey I see you are with Polar! I LOVE my Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor. Wear it during every workout. I will be writing a review on it soon to share here on my blog! :)

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